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Essential Books for Organic Chemistry

Introduction to Spectroscopy by Pavia Lampman Kriz

A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry (6th Edition)by Peter Sykes

A Handbook of Spectroscopic Data

Organic Chemistry Vol1 by Finar

Organic Chemistry Vol2 by Finar

Fundamental of Organic Chemistry by McMury

Name Reactions by Jie Jack Li

Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd

Organic Spectroscopic Analysis by Rosaleen J.

Advanced Organic Chemistry – Rearrangements by March S

Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds by SilverStein

Organic Chemistry by Solomons

Spectrtroscopic Method in Organic Chemistry by William Fleming

Supramolecular Chemistry - Fundamentals and Applications by Ariga


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  4. Need Advanced Organic Chemisry - Stanley H. Pine

  5. Need Organic Chemistry Natural Products-Vol- I
    by O.P. Agarwal

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