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Essential Books for Physical Chemistry

Introduction to Chemical Kinetics by Margaret Robson Wright

Physical Chemistry by Robert G Mortimer

A Beginners Guide to Scanning Electron Microscopy by AnwarUl Hamid

An Introducton to Electrochemistry by Samuel Glasstone

Physical Chemistry + Solutions Manual by Atkins

Physical Chemistry 8th Ed by Atkins

Basic Physical Chemistry by Wolfgang Scartl

Chemical Thermodynamics - Advanced Applications by J. Bevan Ott

Chemical Thermodynamics - Principles and Applications by J. BevanOtt

Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy by Colin N. Banwell

Physical Chemistry A Molecular Approach by Donald A. McQuarrie

Electroanalytical Methods by Springer

Electrochemical Methods - Fundamentals and Applications by A.Bard, L. Faulkner

Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry

Essential of Physical Chemistry by Bhul Tuli

Essentials of Nano Technology Jeremy Ramsden

Introduction Surface Analysis XPS And AES by John F. Watts

Solid State Chemistry & Its Applications by Anthony R. West

Nuclear And Radiochemistry by Friedlander


  1. ভাই জেন এন্ড কুন্ডর ফিজিক্যাল কেমিস্ট্রির পিডিএফ টা ক্রাইং নীড :( । অনেক খোজাখুজি করেও পাইলাম না

  2. ছোট ভাই ইন্ডিয়ান রাইটারের পিডিএফ পাওয়া কষ্টকর। কারো কাছ থেকে বই নিয়ে পড়তে পারস :) তাছাড়া আমি পাইলে আপ দিয়ে দিবো

    1. Great collection of books. (y)


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